African Secular Democracy, Governance and public policy.

Since Independence from African colonial masters, many African countries have known nothing but wars,dictatorship, and tyranny. Most of them have had tyrants after tyrants and military coups d’etat. Political opponents are assassinated from the word go. Cronyism, corruption, nepotism are normalised and widely accepted as a social norm. Even with a sitting Government, the only rhetoric promoted by the regimes or political parties must become the only legal position allowed in the media and public spaces. All political activities that don’t reflect the will of any ruling group are violently dismantled by non official state/government militias that are loyal to the ruling class/party. No rule of law and constitutions are meaningless whatsoever.  Constitutions are  changed every year to further the mentality of “strong men” governance in Africa. Many human rights groups choose tip-walking around these issues  because,in most cases, those running these organisations are members of the ruling group or loyal to them, in a way that’s aimed at protecting their granted privileges of operations.

It has become fashionable to disparage democracy across Africa and Western countries that together pour billions in foreign aid into Africa each year and continue to rubber-stamp African dubious election victories. As a result of such, many creative thinkers, academics, logical researchers, political scientists  have completely shunned political participation. Others who are well off, have chosen to prefer exile or seek green pastures in foreign countries where they 

trust freedom and right of thought, conscience , political liberty,economic rights and freedom to change their political beliefs are guaranteed by law not by “strongmen mentality”. This has created brain drainage throughout Africa and forced Africa to lag behind instead of matching into the 21 century understanding and problem solving.

The absence of clear,smart and creative thinkers from African governance systems have rendered many African Nations fragile to wars,political unrests and they descend into failed states. The ruling half baked men and women have turned sovereign States into theocracies even when “National Constitutions clearly say “Governments shall not adopt state religions”. Where theocracy thrives, no human progress can happen.

As an organisation that believes in secularism, we hope to create a political think tank known as African Continental Strategists. ACS  will work hard to bring together, best brains and encourage them to choose public administration and political participation on secular principles. We trust that this process will add a block on building African democracies. This will eventually empower policymakers, lawmakers, and change-makers to be effective champions of secularism in their respective countries. We strongly believe that secularism is an essential pillar of a pluralistic democracy which eventually makes the citizenry flourish and chase the pursuit of happiness.  In other words, we want public policies based on facts, science, and reason. We believe that a policymaker can be religious and still observe secularism as the fairest and most equal approach to government since it guarantees religious freedom for all, favouring no one religion over another—or over nonbelief. Keep checking this page for updates on this project.