Secular Empathy & Compassion

We treasure reason, skepticism and elevated curiosity but this shouldn’t be the window for us to embrace narrow mindedness. We therefore choose to practice secular compassion and empathy. This is the ability to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference. That’s to say, the capacity to place oneself in another’s position especially during times of sorrow, agony, depression, grief, misfortune,calamities, and 

many other challenging moments without trying to add religion or other superstitious beliefs in-between. There should be no hidden agenda of converting the person on the receiving end to the giver’s beliefs. Empathy should entirely be a humanity principal. That’s to say, you care because it’s human nature to do so and you voluntarily do it with no expectations back. Sometimes but not all the times, we have chosen to do this when cameras have disappeared.

We have given out  thousands of dollars in humanitarian crises and human rights campaigns that matter to our societies.  We have shared our secular compassion and empathy with total strangers that came from different backgrounds and regions in Uganda and South Africa. Furthermore, we have helped students whose academic credentials were held due to unpaid university dues, and this held the receivers from jump-starting their lives because  the keys to open the door are held without mercy. 

We have significantly paid direct medical bills of the least fortunate people in our society. We have seen the lives of people saved as a result, people who were in agony, from  HIV/AIDS-stricken bedridden to women suffering from severe pain of unoperated fibroids. We have provided relief food and other basic needs during the curfew and quarantine of the COVID19 global pandemic. We welcome your donations with gratitude to enable us to continue doing remarkable good.